We are delighted to announce that Iceni Diagnostics has been shortlisted for Disruptor of the Year at the Norfolk Business Awards 2021.

We are committed to producing a pioneering pipeline of innovative, forward-thinking products using the principles of glycoscience with a polymer approach, and we are hugely appreciative of such recognition at this time.

Iceni Diagnostics understands the need for improved point-of-care diagnostics for infectious diseases which can perform with greater flexibility, accuracy and speed in a post-pandemic world.

To that end, we are developing one of the most innovative and forward-thinking rapid diagnostic lateral flow tests which tests for both Covid-19 and influenza. Instead of relying on the presence of antibodies to make a diagnosis, the technology directly detects the virus using polymers to present glycans (sugars) which recognise the virus, resulting in a test that is mutation-proof and able to respond to new variants as they arise.

We remain committed to producing a pipeline of innovative, forward-thinking products, which are accurate, easy-to-use and cost-effective to produce.

Congratulations to all the outstanding companies on the Awards shortlist, and especially to our very worthy title contenders: Developing Experts, Indigo Swan and Liftshare Group.