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Capitalising on our expertise in carbohydrate and analytical chemistry, Iceni Glycoscience provides bespoke solutions in glycoscience R&D, nanoparticle technology and bioconjugation chemistry. Iceni Glycoscience is open to engagement with the biotech and pharma sectors, and Government-sponsored research organisations globally, to provide our unique expertise on a contract service basis.

Carbohydrate Chemistry

We work across a range of carbohydrate chemistry, including chemical and enzymatic synthesis, structure and analysis. Our aim is to understand and exploit the natural biological function of carbohydrates for diagnostic and therapeutic benefit. We have experience in custom carbohydrate synthesis (chemical and enzymatic), carbohydrate purification and structural analysis (mass spectrometry, NMR, HPLC).

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In addition to our expertise in carbohydrate biology (including extraction and analysis, enzymatic carbohydrate synthesis and modification, affinity purification and FPLC chromatography, and chemical modification and biotransformation), Iceni Glycoscience also has significant capabilities in recombinant protein production, which can be deployed across all areas of application. Similarly, our capabilities in the identification, manufacture and validation of specific glycans can be deployed broadly for particular applications whether therapeutic, diagnostic, vaccines or pure research.

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Iceni Glycoscience’s journey commenced with Diagnostics so our experience here is significant. Contract Services include assay development, lateral flow, ELISA, UV/VIS spectrometry and fluorimetry; antibody/antigen conjugation and analysis; nanoparticle technology; antibody development (polyclonal, monoclonal, recombinant FAb); device format and method development, and multi-format arrays to name a few.

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Exploiting glycans as vaccine components is a significant opportunity. We offer Contract Services in the areas of microbiology culture and extraction (BSL I and II as standard; BSL III may be available by special arrangement); generation of carbohydrate-based antigens; conjugation to carriers; immunological analysis and binding studies.

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