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Iceni Glycoscience has extensive expertise and facilities for preparative and analytical carbohydrate chemistry; the production, characterisation and exploitation of carbohydrate-active enzymes and other proteins; the surface chemistry and biophysics of carbohydrates; methods and approaches for the delineation of in vivo function of enzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism; carbohydrate analysis and structure determination; complex carbohydrate production, purification and characterisation. We also have expertise and experience in the identification, characterisation and validation of key carbohydrate molecules from many biological systems, which can be used as points of intervention, whether for diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines or just for research purposes.


Our HPGR™ technology covers chemical, biochemical and biological preparations used in diagnostics and therapeutics, exploiting the specific carbohydrate recognition of individual pathogens, whether viruses, bacteria or other. Iceni Glycoscience is in a unique position to generate carbohydrate-based probes to achieve host-pathogen-glycan-recognition mimics and exploit them for the development of diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines for respiratory pathogens including human, avian and equine influenza, coronavirus, norovirus and rotavirus. Contact us to find out more.


Our diagnostics portfolio is focused on the development of carbohydrate-based diagnostics for infectious diseases, for both reference laboratory use and point-of-care application. We have a proof-of-concept study demonstrating that certain target pathogens can be identified for rapid action more effectively using glycobiology-based techniques than conventional ELISA, PCR or isothermal NAA (nucleic acid amplification). We have demonstrated that the glycobiology behind the HPGR™ can be translated into a variety of diagnostic platforms and hold its own against tests in the recent growth areas of NAA technologies such as LAMP, recombinase polymerase amplification, and hand-held PCR. Critically, the carbohydrate-binding characteristics of host-pathogen characteristics are highly stable, making such assays less vulnerable to pathogen mutations. For more information on our diagnostics work, click here.


The Iceni Therapeutics portfolio is focused on the development of carbohydrate-based biocompatible molecules that utilise our HPGR™ technology for prophylaxis and infectious disease intervention.

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Through our various industry and academic collaborations, the Iceni Glycoscience team has led and contributed to numerous research publications.

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