“Iceni Diagnostics is producing a duplex test that differentiates between SARS-CoV-2 and influenza from one sample,” Berwyn Clarke, Chairman at Iceni Diagnostics, told Kostas Vavitsas at Labiotech. These viruses could form a major health threat as they sweep the population this winter, as well as causing disruption due to similar symptoms. In the article, Iceni Diagnostics is reviewed as one of a number of diagnostics companies across Europe aiming to accelerate community diagnostics to deal with Covid-19 this winter.

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Iceni Diagnostics has appointed BBI Solutions to produce clinical trial batches for its new, rapid SARS-COV-2/Influenza virus detection test. The test exploits the diagnostic company’s unique, proprietary HPGR™ (Host-Pathogen Glycan Recognition) technology to detect the presence of live virus in non-invasive samples within 15 minutes. The ability to differentiate between influenza and Covid-19 could assist policy makers when it comes to making decisions this winter about further lockdown restrictions.